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What's New

New August 2009
1/600 WW2

GE47 German SG15/UJ2229 Matelot LeBlanc- former French Chamois class sloop. Class of 3 used in the Med 1943-44..........$15.00
This one has been in process for four years. Over tha past year I finally found the correct gun configuration for these craft. Former Frencxh "Chamois" class boats. One, the SG21, met her end under the guns of the USS Somers off Southern France.
The four new TB models are all based on the same hull with very different armament version. The Austro-Hungarian version will now give your Italian WW1 MAS something to stalk.

GE48 TA48 Ex-Yugoslav TB. 1944 German version of WW1 era 250 ton TB...$7.00

IT15 Italian T-3 Captured Yugoslav 250 Ton TB. Circa 1942.......$7.00

RM6 Romanian Sborul. 1942 version of former Austro-Hungarian 250Ton TB...$7.00
RM5 Romanian Vendette 1-6 . 1943 version of WW1 era river spar TB/Gunboat...$3.50
Another long term build. I actually had to buy pictures from Romania for this little guy. Armed with a 47mm, a 20mm and two MGs, she has a ram bow and definitely is from the pre-WW1 era
IT-14 MAS-432 Early Italian MTB....$3.00
This type served both with thie Italian s in WW2 qnd in the Spanish Civil War
RU17 SM-4 Soviet MTB.............$3.00
Soviet Steel prototype boat. She serves in the Baltic through the war.

1/600 WW1

SF-20 76T Austro-Hungarian 250 Ton Torpedo Boat .........$7.00
SF-21 MI 1-8. 40' Armed Launch. Used by White Russians on Lake Onega    1919. (Pack of 2)...$3.50
At Last! These small launches served on Lake Onega in the White flottill under RN commoand in 1919. They harried Bolshevik gunboats for months and drove a few ashore.

1/300 Assault Craft

CC300-02 Soviet DB Landing Craft.............$3.50
CC300-02A Soviet DB AA Version w/37mm.........$4.50
CC300-03 Soviet NKL-5 Aero-Glisser...........$2.00
New June 2009
1/700 FAC
TWN-2 Kuang Hua VI Taiwanese FAC..Newest FAC for the ROC Navy....$7.50
A rather difficult little boat to research.
1/600 WW2

GB29 Samuel White MGB-47 1942.....$3.50
This is similar to the Polish S-1. An interesting little MGB with two twin Lewis gun turrets and a 20mm.

IT13 Italian Motoscafo Landing craft..Venice tour boat modified to assault
I love this boat. The Italians converted many of these. They had a ramp on the bow, a 13mm MG aft and a bulwark around the crew area.  Some were later used hby the Germans as harbor defense or small escorts (stay tuned-new version coming).
1/600 WW1

SF19 French "Canonničre Fluviales" Canal Monitor 1916- With 1-5.5" gun and 2-47mm...... $4.00
Another favorite. These intersting craft were used on the Western front for fire support. I have wondered what they would have done on the Russian rivers in 1919-1920......
And a new line!!!!
1/300 Coastal and Assault craft
CC300-01  SOC-R......$4.50
This one is an experiment to gage interest in this scale and genre of craft.
New January-February 2009
1/700 FAC new..

Vietnam War Riverine craft  NEW!!!!!!

VNR-1 USN Swift Boat.....$3.50
VNR-2 USN PBR ( 2 boats).....$4.50
VNR-3 USN ASPB Armored Patrol Boat..$3.50

1/1200 Shangri-La Ironworks
SL-5    USN 1934 Fast BB Project USS Minnesota
           (9-14", 12-5" guns. 35000 Tons 30Kt)......$28.00
SL-6   US "R" CLass Sub 1942.........................$3.00
SL-7   German UB III U-Boat 1917......................$3.00
SL-8   Surcouf French Sub Cruiser. 1941 version..$5.00
SL-9    USS Marlin US Sub 1942 Version..............$4.00
The latter comes from endless watching of the movie "Crash Dive", which in my opinion starred the USS Marlin. I have never found any images of her with her full bridge ( with only a single .50 cal MG) except for this film.
New November 2008
1/700 Modern
USF-12 1989 USN FAC Project (armed with Harpoons and 20mm Sea Vulcan)....$7.00
This is a propsed "As Built" configuration of a hush-hush project.
One early prototype was built, tested, given to the USCG and
later "disappeared."
AUF-1  Fremantle Patrol Boat......................$8.50

1/600 WW1/RCW
SF-15 Russian "Greenport" Motor Launch........$3.00
SF-16 White Russian Volga Armored Pontoon Gunboat (w/47mm and MGs)...$3.00
SF-16 RCW Armed River Tug (w/57mm and MG)........$4.50

1/600 WW2
GE-44 S-30 Class Schnellboot .......................$5.25
This is an earlier type with 1-20mm gun. These boats had their open bridge area in front of the whellhouse. They saw action in the Channel, the Baltic and  in the Mediterranean.
GE-45 FMa 06 Hafenschutzboote (former yacht "Guarni" used off S.
GE-46 V7012 Genoa Vorpostenboote................$.2.50
The V7012 is a very little guy with 1-20mm. This is not a Channel
type VP boote- she is about 50' long! Earlier this year I bought original photos off Ebay. There were about a dozen of these odd little boats- the funnel was forward of the wheelhouse. They were present at several coastal actions, just not identified in US or RN sources.
IT12 Hydrofoil MAS "Bussei" (Hydrofoil MTB w/37mm Breda)...$3.75
An "Almost built MAS" design circa 1943
New August 2008

USF-10 USS Independence LCS-2.............$38.00
Kit includes 2-SH-60B by Trumpeter. This is the biggest one I do now or will ever do. The phrase "What was I thinking?" kept going through my head as I poured a block of rubber the size of a brick. Once this mold is done, this one is history.
USF-11 M-80 Stiletto Stealth Boat...............$6.50

SWF-3 CB-90 Assault Boat. This Swedish craft is now in Use by Norway and under evaluation by the USN. The only boat I know of with a tank-like "bow-gun" (.50cal MG) along with a remote .50 behind the cockpit. The Norwegians have experimented with mounting Hellfire missiles on this boat, a configuration included in this miniature.............$3.50

1/600 WW2
GE-41  M6020 German Escort. Ex-French WW1 Aviso "Dedaigneuse." A sleek looking ship that was used off Southern France 1943-44. She had 1-88mm, 1-37, 8-20mm and 4  8.6cm RAG rocket launchers. ....$10.00

GE-42  IV-57 German Patrol Boat. Former US built Elco type Launch from WW1. The boat had a funnel added between the wars and in Gemran use had 1-twin and 3-single 20mm. Used off Venice 1944-45......$3.75

GE-43  IL-08 German Harbor Patrol Boat .This is from a picture it took me years to figure out. The craft was captured in Liviorno (Leghorn) in 1944. The bad photo (a scan of a copy made at the PT Museum in 1995) show it at the MTB/PT base there.  It is a former Italian ML landing boat captured and used by the Liviorno Hafenschutzflottille. Armed with a 20mm aft and on the bow, this little boat looks amazingly like a train caboose!
New April 2008
GE39 M7607  Escort -Former French Fishery Protection boat "Cerbčre." Saw action against PTs 1944-45 ( See" Flag 4" by D. Pope. She is mentioned in the index). She is a beautiful little boat with lines of a very small destroyer. Later renamed TR-103 when assigned to escort peniche (canal) barges off Genoa early 1945. The armament is unknown so I gave her a 37mm on the bow, a 20mm gun tub, a quad 20mm aft and some MGs. ......$5.50
ITF-1 Sparviero Italian Hydrofoil FAC.....$5.00
SBF-1 SSM Missile trucks (4)..............$3.00


GE-45 FMa 06 Hafenschutzboote

GE-46 V7012 Genoa Vorpostenboote

GE45 and 46

SF-16 White Russian Volga Armored Pontoon Gunboat

German IV-57

IL-08 after capture