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The P.T. Dockyard

British Vosper 70' in Adriatic 1944

T. Garth Connelly's PT Boat World NEW!!

Stronghold Miniatures- another excellent source for 1/600 coastals!!

PT309 Homepage- with excellent photo collection

NEW!! Excellent site on German Schnellboats!

History of Finnish Navy in WW2


Naval Operations on Lake Ladoga

Battle of Bengtskar- Soviet/Finn battle over a small island lighthouse

German Kriegsmarine site- much info on German Small Craft

Site with Morale Rules for MTBs

Italian MAS operations on the Black Sea

"Flaklighter" Coastal Rules (available at The Last Square)

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries ( Great site, but no coastals!)

Dave Manley's "Action Stations" Page

British Trawlers in WW2

Link to PT Boats, Inc. Great historical site on PTs

Knghts of the Sea- PT History

MTB Ron 35- 80' Elcos in the Channel 1944

Royal Navy Coastal Forces Trust

Canadian MTBs 1944-45- Excellent site on 72' BPB and Fairmile D MTBs

British MTBs in Hong Kong 1941

Operation Tiger- E-boats vs. LSTs

Polish MTBs- WW2

Dutch Navy In WW2 ( Much on development of Dutch Small craft)UPDATED

Dutch East Indies 1942

German S-boat Flotilla details ( In German but nice photos)

Yugoslavian Navy in WW2 UPDATED


Greek Partisan Navy in WW2

Link to the 1/600 Shipyard- New Source For 1/600 models!