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The P.T. Dockyard

The P.T Dockyard Wanted Page!!

This page will be an ongoing list of pictures /drawings I am looking for. The deal is- you find me the drawing/picture, and if it is what I need you get $20 IN FREE BOATS!!!!!!!
Sound good? Ok- here are the remaining fugitives and some new ones
Finnish VMV101, 102-104: Former German I-lighters on Lake Ladoga sold to the Finns and armed with a 6pdr and a 20mm. FOUND!!!
British MGB 98 and 99: Former French VTBs 11 and 12. Used for agent drops on Channel coast. Looking for a picture after 1940. FOUND!!!
US LCM Gunboat Solomon Islands 1943 At least one LCM was modified with a 3"/23 gun, some 37mm and a bow instead of a ramp. She was used as a barge hunter without a huge amount of success (too slow). FOUND- SEE PICTURE!!!!
One Left!!!!!
French Landing Craft- I'll go to $30 in boats for this one. Three prototype landing craft were built in Lorient in the late 30's and were still around in 1940. They could carry a few small tanks and are described have been high in the water so they may have had to have a long ramp. There was talk of using these for landings behind German lines during the German invasion of France.
Good hunting!!!!

ONE DOWN!! Here is the picture of the SM-4!!!


Two Down- Here is the Stalnoi.

LCM Gunboat. Photo courtesy of PT Boats Inc.